An Award-Winning Awards Gala

20-Nov / 0 COMMENTS

If your special event features an Awards Ceremony, especially if that ceremony is an annual occurrence, then you’re familiar with some of the inherent challenges:

The ultimate goal is to create a memorable and motivating experience, rather than simply producing a ceremony.

The 2014 doTERRA Aspire Awards Gala was an excellent example of how to leave attendees energized and motivated, and the honorees awash in adulation.

As with any successful event, there were many, many factors that contributed to the positive outcome. However, one of the unique aspects of this ceremony was giving each award winner the opportunity to select his/ her/their own walk-on music – all told, more than 175 individual music cuts.

A couple of weeks in advance, all the award winners were asked to submit their request for a 25- to 50-second selection of their favorite song. The vast majority were quick to reply with not only the song title, but also the specific portion of the song they wanted playing while they were on stage.

One week prior to the ceremony, the entire playlist began to be compiled, editing each individual song to the appropriate timing. The final result ran the gamut from K-pop, to ‘70s arena rock anthems, to R&B, to country, to inspirational, to disco, to some of today’s top dance hits, and pretty much everything in between.

Thorough backstage organization with multiple checkpoints kept everything running smoothly, and ensured the right people emerged on stage to the right music. It was equal parts grand entrance and dance party, with a lot of confetti showering down as the award winners exited the stage and entered the audience.

Thrilled honorees. Engaged and excited audience. On-time finish.

This was an amazing Awards experience that hit all the boxes on the checklist.