Have Passports, Will Travel

02-Aug / 0 COMMENTS

After 20 years of producing live events literally across the globe, it’s almost easier to list the places we haven’t worked, rather than all the ones we have.

No matter where your special event may take you, rest assured that Cornerstone has the expertise and contacts to ensure your event’s success.

That was especially true in the case of 4Life, which just recently sponsored its first-ever Malaysian convention, in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Cornerstone was there to oversee production. As with most every event, especially overseas, there can be unexpected situations the pop up making life a little more interesting. In the case of 4Life Malaysia, it was the communication system used by the crew.
Typically, each crew member will have a belt pack and headset that connects with a central system allowing members to communicate vital information one with another.

In Malaysia, our internal communications were a little less, um, sophisticated. Essentially we were using two-way radios with a wired earpiece, which did add a certain degree of difficulty to our internal communications.

OK, so our kids might have referred to the situation a “First-World problem,” and this system ended up adequately filling our needs. Still, it made for an interesting story at the first staff meeting when we returned.

And congratulations to 4Life for providing an exceptional attendee experience in Kuala Lumpur, and for its continued growth in domestic and international markets.